About | 4LNS


4LNS was founded by a highly skilled team of professionals committed to delivering amazing/Our principals have over 40 years of experience providing program management support to numerous  emergent  quick reaction capabilities,  specialized technology solutions and support to capability  development  and planning, programming  and budgeting processes.

Our Core Competencies Are Aligned To

IT Portfolio Management

We provide IT portfolio management services ensuring our customers IT plans are integrated with their strategic goal and align with policies, principles, programs and priorities. This includes development and documentation of plans, budgeting and implementation.

Currently support US Navy clients with IT Policy and Planning services, providing advice and assistance with IT plans and strategies, ensuring compliance with federal policies and mandates.

Project Management

We offer a full scope of project management services, identifying requirements and resourcing, measuring performance, and transitioning to sustainable programs:

  • Currently support US Army clients in formal requirement documentation, Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution process, as well as strategic and operational planning.

Operations Support

We provide expert knowledge in concept development, capability and requirement analysis, current operations support, training, and specialized focus areas in technology and intelligence.

  • Currently support US Army and US Navy clients in capability development and Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System documentation, training development, and contingency


Diverse Software Solutions

Our 4LNS software team has been a respected leader in comprehensive custom software solutions. Our team of solution architects, research scientists and developers have backed the biggest names in the world, creating software for virtually every platform – including custom hardware.

  • Currently support US Army clients in website development, application development and online training program

Specialized Technology

Our team specializes in strategically equipping private and defense contracts with a wide range of incredibly powerful technologies, including augmented reality and virtual reality.

  • Currently support US Army clients in developing training programs using augmented reality, virtual reality environments, and object recognition

Some Of Our Team Members

Alyce Fernebok
Josh Evarts
Carla James
WarriorUp® Strategic Advisor